The TheraSphere™ Advanced Dosimetry Retrospective Global Study Evaluation in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Treatment
(TARGET) is designed to evaluate two-compartment dosimetry (normal tissue and tumour absorbed dose) in hepatocellular
carcinoma patients to achieve a more personalised approach to Y90 radioembolisation therapy for liver cancer patients.

The primary endpoint of the study will determine the correlation between the normal tissue absorbed dose, based on
Tc-99m MAA, and grade ≥3 hyperbilirubinemia for patients administered TheraSphere™. Secondary endpoints in the TARGET
study include: tumour absorbed dose, incidence of serious adverse events, select dose-related adverse events, clinical
laboratory assessment, objective tumour response and overall survival.

The TARGET trial complements other studies that BTG is undertaking in interventional oncology (in collaboration with leading
clinical and industry partners) with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes in HCC.