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25 Aug 2016

Health Canada approves radiopaque bead for HCC, CRC liver metastases

BTG International Canada Inc. announced it received approval for its drug-eluding device, the DC Bead LUMI, from Health Canada. The bead is the first commercially available product for patients with hepatocellular carcinoma and colorectal cancer metastasized to the liver.

17 May 2016

Healthcare Player BTG on lookout for acquisitions a profits more th...

BTG, the technology healthcare company that develops products to shrink liver tumours and zap blood clots, has enjoyed a “coming of age”, its boss has said, after revealing that profits more than doubled last year.

6 May 2016

BTG snaps up cryogenic oncology specialist Galil for £58.3M

BTG Group is buying a US company that develops medical devices which kill tumours by freezing them, as it looks to further boost its presence in the world of interventional oncology.

12 Apr 2016

New procedure uses tiny beads to blast away liver cancer

Treating cancer that began in the liver or has spread to the liver can often involve months of chemotherapy and painful radiation treatments. But now there’s a new procedure that takes tiny beads that carry a high dose of radiation and sends them straight to the cancer.

5 Apr 2016

NICE highlights potential role of TheraSphere® for t...

BTG plc (LSE: BTG), a global specialist healthcare company, has today announced the publication of a new medtech innovation briefing (MIB) by NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) for TheraSphere yttrium-90 glass microsphere therapy.1

30 Mar 2016

The ‘Pinhole’ Cancer Treatment You’ve Probably Ne...

Imagine an exquisitely precise cancer therapy procedure done through a small opening in the body

7 Jan 2016

An Army of Glass: The Remarkable Liver Cancer Treatment You Have Pr...

PATIENT PERSPECTIVE When Eleanor Cook’s cancer spread to her liver, it was a sign that something in her treatment regimen had to change.

7 Jan 2016

Cutting Edge Treatment Improves Prospects For Liver Cancer Patients

RESEARCH ADVANCES In October, iconic buildings throughout the United Kingdom were bathed in pink light. NFL players wore pink on their shoes during games across the U.S. and, in Canada, hundreds attended high-profile galas.

7 Jan 2016

Buyer Beware: Cultural Fit Can Make or Break a Deal

The announced $160 billion merger between Pfizer and Allergan in November was a fitting cap to a year of frenzied deal-making in pharmaceuticals and life sciences.

17 Dec 2015

BTG boss scans for next deals as lung device bet pays off 

After being vindicated in her 2014 purchase of a U.S. company with a device to prop open diseased lungs, the chief executive of British healthcare group BTG (BTG.L) is scouring the horizon for the next promising acquisition.