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Interventional Oncology

The role of interventional radiologists in treating liver cancer is well established and we are proud of the products we offer that target cancer while decreasing toxicity to healthy liver and minimizing side effects.1,2

Interventional Pulmonology

For 10 years, we have been focussed on developing minimally-invasive medical devices for pulmonary diseases such as emphysema.

Interventional Vascular

BTG helps interventional vascular teams solve problems with patients’ blood transport systems through evidence-based innovations that treat smarter and achieve more.



TheraSphere® yttrium-90 glass microspheres deliver a targeted radiation dose to the tumor while minimizing exposure to healthy tissue with mild to moderate side effects.14,15

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TheraSphere® and Radiation Safety Information

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LC Bead® on Balancing Act

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EKOS® Catheter Treatment of Massive & Sub-Massive Pulmonary Emboli

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