PE Resource Guidebook

The Resource Guide for Acute Pulmonary Embolism Therapies

PE Response Team Top 10 Best Practices

Overall Best Practices when it comes to developing a PE Response Team

Why Treat Submassive PE White Paper

Summary of clinical research for risk assessment and review of systemic thrombolytic treatment strategies for submassive PE patients

Webinar: Patient Selection in PE Intervention

Dr. Victor Tapson presents which Pulmonary Embolism patients need intervention and how to appropriately identify and manage their treatment

Webinar: A Pragmatic Approach To Building a PE Program

Dr. Chad Laurich provides best practices and real examples on how to build a PE Response Team and PE Program

Webinar: Interventionl PE Treatment- Tips & Techniques

Dr. Keith Sterling presents specific tips and techniques for optimal access and navigating challenging anatomy in PE treatment, also using personal cases as examples.