PE Resource Guidebook

The Resource Guide for Acute Pulmonary Embolism Therapies

PE Response Team Top 10 Best Practices

Overall Best Practices when it comes to developing a PE Response Team

The Effect of Ultrasound on Thrombolysis White Paper

A review of what has already been firmly established about ultrasound and its effects on fibrinolysis including its mechanism of action and the supporting evidence

Why Treat Submassive PE White Paper

Summary of clinical research for risk assessment and review of systemic thrombolytic treatment strategies for submassive PE patients

Implementing OPTALSYE

Dr. Noah Jones, Principal investigator for the multi-center OPTALYSE PE study, shares the remarkable study results and his experiences in each of the 2, 4, and 6 hour trial arms.

Webinar: Patient Selection in PE Intervention

Dr. Victor Tapson presents which Pulmonary Embolism patients need intervention and how to appropriately identify and manage their treatment

Webinar: A Pragmatic Approach To Building a PE Program

Dr. Chad Laurich provides best practices and real examples on how to build a PE Response Team and PE Program

Webinar: Interventionl PE Treatment- Tips & Techniques

Dr. Keith Sterling presents specific tips and techniques for optimal access and navigating challenging anatomy in PE treatment, also using personal cases as examples.