CBT ≤ 90 mins post LUMI-embolization

This case was impressive because of the clear visualization of the tumor and the embolized vessels on the post-embolization non-contrast CBCT, in addition to the complete response of the related lesions.

CBT 10 mins post LUMI-embolization

After 4 weeks of follow-up, a complete response on mRECIST was demonstrated with a decrease in tumor size to 0.9 mm.

CT post LUMI-embolization

The radiopaque property of LC Bead LUMI™ allows for accurate needle placement and full lesion ablation. If the lesion cannot be seen on non-contrast CT, there is a possibility that the lesion may not be fully ablated.

LC Bead Lumi KOL

Building on the established clinical performance of LC Bead®, LC Bead LUMI comprises a radiopaque moiety1, allowing for a more precisely controlled procedure and the opportunity to revolutionize the treatment of hypervascular tumors and arteriovenous malformations (AVMs).